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Respect for you and your home. The number one complaint from customers across the industry is the dust and mess that comes with remodeling and construction. We go to great lengths to protect you, and your home from the dust and mess that comes along with construction work. Click below to learn how we mitigate dust on our projects.

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We value integrity, honesty, and transparency in the building process, and in dealing with our customers. We know how important communication is to you, our customer. We strive to alleviate the anxiety that comes with all building projects, which is in a large part, due to the fact that our customers are unfamiliar with the building process. This anxiety can be mitigated through good communication, and proper planning on behalf of the contractor. This planning and communication is the corner stone that our client relationships are built upon.


We understand that our customers often have very little experience with the construction process. It is our job to be your guide through the process. From pre-construction services all the way through to the Certificate of Occupancy, we will be there to guide you through the process. Click below to find out more about the process we use.

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Dark Sky Construction and Remodeling in Flagstaff, is a General Contractor providing Residential and Commercial construction services to the area. From New Construction to remodeling and additions, we are the Contractor that Flagstaff trusts to handle the job. To learn more about us, please click the button below.

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