Dust Management


The number one complaint from homeowners about remodeling and renovation is the dust created during the project. It is such a concern that according to industry wide surveys, homeowners will put off projects they desperately need for years over the fear of the dust issue. These fears are for good reason too. The dust generated is not only a nuisance, but also a valid health concern. In fact, there are several laws and regulations that require contractors to protect their workers, and homeowners, from the dust generated during a construction project. When evaluating a contractor for your construction needs, if they do not have a comprehensive plan to mitigate the dust on your project, it will make the process unenjoyable and they will be violating several state and federal regulations. Stick with a contractor that cares about your home and the health of your family, and their employees. Below are some of the techniques we use to manage dust on your job site.

Keeping a neat and orderly site

The simple process of cleaning up, and leaving the site broom clean at the end of every day goes a long way toward keeping job site dust isolated to one area, rather than tracking it throughout the site for the duration of the project. A clean job site is also a safe job site, and allows for more efficient work flow.

Surface protection

We protect surfaces using many techniques to fit the needs of the jobsite. Including plastic sheet products, water resistant construction floor protection products, drop cloths, and the like.

Dust walls

We set up dust walls to isolate the construction area from the rest of the house. These plastic walls use special magnetized door flaps to allow entry into the area, and automatically close behind you. The system provides a tight enough seal that we can even set up negative air pressure in the construction area to keep the dust away from the rest of the house.

HEPA dust extractors

We use HEPA dust extractors on our remodeling jobs, which are required by the EPA. These are like shop vacs on steroids. They hook up to tools like saws and grinders to capture the dust they create. When not being used directly on tools, they also serve as a shop vac for site cleanup. These units are so effective at catching dust, they are OSHA approved for silica dust and EPA approved for lead paint removal.

HEPA Air scrubbers

HEPA air scrubbers, like the one in the above picture, catch the rest of the dust that makes it past the other techniques. Depending on the situation they can stand alone in the work area, or they can be ducted outside to create a negative air pressure work space. This is very useful in controlling dust because with negative pressure, when workers walk through the dust doors, air from outside the dust room rushes into the work area preventing dust from escaping the work area.

Employing these techniques allows us to deliver the cleanest remodels you have ever seen. They make the project more enjoyable while at the same time protecting the health of our customers, employees, and subcontractors.

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