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Our Process


Pre-Construction Services.

We offer two different types of Pre-Construction Services.


We offer Design/Build services for our remodeling and additions. This option keeps everything in house from initial design concept for creating a project budget, all the way through final design of the project. We provide 3D rendering of your project, including 3D walkthroughs, to help the customer visualize their project and insure that there is no confusion.  We also create building plans and elevations for submittal to obtain the necessary permits. This process helps control cost, and insures that the project can be built to the budget.

Cost Planning:

We offer Cost planning services for larger jobs like new construction, or for clients who may have already picked out their architect and designer for a remodel. Under this model, we work directly with the architect and designer from the very beginning of the design process. This insures that every one is on the same page. The architect and designer can design the perfect building for you, and we are there to insure that the design can actually be built within the budget. This way there is no disconnect between what is on paper, and what can actually be accomplished in the field.

The steps in the Pre-Construction phase.

  • Contact us to discuss your project and set up an initial consultation.

  • Initial Consultation:
    1. Gather information about your project.
    2. Find out what your proposed budget range is to see if the project is feasible. (See forms tab, click on Cost vs. Value 2018. This is an annually published list of average costs for popular remodeling projects. This is only an average, but helps you in deciding if you will have enough funding for the project.)
    3. Gather images, drawings, an other information you may have about your project.
    4. Measure the area and take pictures.
    5. Sign a Pre-Construction retainer agreement and pay the retainer fee.

  • A Design concept will be developed based on the target budget and information gathered at the first meeting.

  • Second Meeting:
    1. Present the initial concept drawings to express design concept with the owners
    2. Provide a preliminary budget based on the design.
    3. Owners will provide feedback about the design and what changes they want.
    4. Details and product specifications and allowances will be established or confirmed as needed to generate the final written proposal.

  • Third Meeting:
    1. Final concept plans are presented reflecting the owners comments from the second meeting.
    2. A detailed written proposal will be presented based on the project design and specifications established at the second meeting.

  • Once the detailed written proposal is accepted by the customer, permits are applied for.

  • When permits are issued, the project is scheduled, and the contract for construction is signed.